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Enhance Success in your life, home, office or space with this Success ritual kit.

Success Smudge kit includes:

1 Natural Abalone Shell
1 Palo Santo Stick
1 handmade California white Sage Smudge Stick
1 Sachet of Lavender
1 Purple Chime Candle
1 Small bag of Himalayan Salt

Use the Natural Abalone shell for holding the Sage smudge or Palo Santo stick and collecting ash from the burning smudge during your ritual. Abalone shells represent water and hold energy from the ocean, bringing a calming energy.

Palo Santo or "Holy Wood" is great for cleansing and clearing negative energies. Palo Santo is believed to be a traditional remedy for pain, inflammation, headaches and depression. Palo Santo is known for its calming effects and used as a natural stress reliever. Palo Santo brings positivity, guidance and healing.

The White Sage Smudge is made from White Sage harvested in California, hand wrapped in cotton twine. White sage is used by many cultures for its purification and healing properties. White Sage is the most common smudge used in rituals and ceremonies. Studies have shown burning White Sage also kills airborne bacteria.

Lavender buds can be burned for a light scent. Lavender has a calming effect, helping relief stress and anxiety. Place the sachet of Lavender under your pillow for a good nights rest or anywhere you need a peaceful, calming energy.

Burn the Purple Intention candle to bring success, spiritual guidance, emotional balance, power, wealth, attainment and protection.

Himalayan Salt is known for its purification effects and removing negativity. Sprinkle or place bowls of salt around your home or space, in the corners of rooms that need energy cleansing. The Salt will absorb the negative energy. Himalayan Salt is also believed to aid in fighting inflammation, improving respiratory function and stress relief.

Please Note: All items in this kit are all natural, please allow for slight imperfections and variations in size, shape and color, no two kits are the exact same.


Success Intention Ritual Kit

SKU: SuccessSmudgeKit
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