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Love, Abundance, & Protection Smudge Kit includes:

1 Natural Abalone Shell with Wooden Tripod Stand
1 Handmade California White Sage Smudge Stick 
2 Palo Santo Wood Sticks
1 Desert Rose Selenite Crystal 
1 Sachet of Rose Petals


Palo Santo wood is considered "holy wood." Palo Santo wooden sticks are used to cleanse negativity.


The all-natural sage used in this smudge kit is harvested in California and hand wrapped in cotton thread.


Desert Rose Selenite is the perfect meditation tool that helps one stay grounded and balanced. This mineral actives our root, crown, and sacral chakras that assist in mental clarity and focus, manifestation, and self-expression, and unlocking our divine will. It's the perfect stone to place at your bedside, workspace, or meditation room as it helps cleanse one's aura and environment. Due to it mainly being Selenite based, it will charge and cleanse other crystals when placed around them. Desert Rose is a stone for anyone who feels as though they need a constant rejuvenation of energy. They work on a very high, energetic vibration that helps realign one’s chakra system. Removing blockages between chakras will help ease the flow of energy within.  While this stone may sound like its perfect for all chakras, its most beloved by the sacral chakra, it truly helps one find a path through the manifestation of achieving your dreams and turning them into a reality.


All crystals are cleansed and charged.


All items in this smudging set are all-natural causing them to vary slightly in size and color. No two kits are the exact same.

Love, Abundance and Protection Smudge Kit

SKU: love abundance protection smudge kit
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