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Featured with the Eye of Horus, the symbol related to the sun, and a winged goddess.  These Orgonite discs can be used in numerous ways.  You can charge your food and water by placing the discs beneath the plate of food or under your drinking water. Place disc underneath groceries for approx 15 minutes to recharge groceries. Place under car seat while driving to energize lower body parts (prostate for men, womb for women).  Hold while in meditation to open portals.


*Each Orgonite piece includes a powerful combination from the research of Wilhelm Reich of black tourmaline, authentic shungite from Russia, iron oxide, and copper to draw in energy. Every piece is handmade in Sedona, AZ and is infused and energized with the energy of the Bell Rock vortex, a natural electromagnetic vortex that has immense quartz crystals within and beneath it creating very high, healing energy at this vortex.


Orgonite is used to cleanse negative energy and to counteract the effects of electromagnetic waves. Meditate with your orgonite disc in your hand, place in any room, in the car, under the bed or under your pillow, or any space near cell phone towers or other large sources of EMF radiation like televisions, microwaves, computers and cell phones, or any other places you think need healing.


Some known benefits of orgonite include:

  • Protects against electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and RF radiation
  • Balances the energy fields, converting negative energy fields into positive energy fields
  • Purifies the environment
  • Promotes good sleep
  • Encourages relaxation and eases stress and anxiety
  • Relieves pain
  • Helps plants grow better, also repels pests
  • Improves spiritual awareness

Eye of Protection Small Winged Goddess Energy Disc