Group Reiki Classes and Certification

Reiki Level I

Reiki is a Japanese word translated as rei (spirit, universal, life force) ki (energy, power, breath). Reiki is a non-invasive alternative and complimentary healing system that uses spiritually guided life force energy to bring balance to the physical, emotional and etheral bodies. It is not based on any faith or religion.


The Reiki 1 Certification class focuses on the individual as a healer through self-healing.  The class provides insight with an empowerment training manual on the foundations of energy work, the history of reiki and lineage, kundalini and the chakras and teaches you the basics of Reiki.  You will learn grounding and visualization techniques used for self-healing and how to heal others with Reiki.  At the end of class, you will receive your Reiki attunement and Reiki Level 1 Certificate. 

After receiving the Reiki 1 certificate, participants will be able to perform self-treatments and provide treatments for others. Generally, Reiki providers do not begin practicing professionally until they have received the second degree. 

The Reiki Level 1 class provides:

Reiki 1 Empowerment Training Manual

Reiki Level 1 Attunement

Reiki Level 1 Certificate

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Reiki Level II

The Reiki 2 Certification class attunes you to a higher frequency of Reiki energy and raises your spiritual awareness.  Second-degree Reiki will introduce information on 3 of the 5 traditional Reiki symbols including how to draw them and how to use them in your practice.   We explore distance healing, healing karma, and contact with spirit and/or Reiki guides.   We also practice hands-on Reiki with class peers.  At the end of class, you will receive your Reiki attunement and Reiki Level 2 Certificate. 

The Reiki Level 2 class provides:

Reiki 2 Empowerment Training Manual

Reiki Level 2 Attunement

Reiki Level 2 Certificate

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Private Reiki Classes

Private Reiki Classes are available to Book Under the Outcall/Mobile Services tab.  Private Reiki training provides all of the same advantages of a group class from the comfort of your home on your time.   Private training, attunement and certification lasts approximately 4 hours. 

Please note: If you would like to book a private Reiki training for 3 or more individuals, please contact us and we will book your private session as a Group Class so that you get the group rate.  

Free Reiki Shares

If you've been curious about Reiki, wanting to learn Reiki or simply wanting to learn a holistic method to restore and balance your energy, sign up! Reiki shares are very informal.  In a Reiki share you will be able to give and receive with others or practice and/or experiment with your abilities in a supported group environment.  

All Healing Hands, Reiki Lineages and levels are Welcome!  If you are new to Reiki and would simply like to observe, you are welcome to!

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