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Youniversal Healing and Wellness, LLC offers an alternative to conventional medicine utilizing nature as an essential care source through alternative healing therapies for the whole body; physical, mental, emotional and energetic. Youniversal exists to assist you on your health and wellness journey with handcrafted herbal and personal care products, chakra balancing through one on one herbal consultations, detoxing, oracle readings, and reiki. We encourage self-healing and serve to hold space while you awaken the innate physician within You.

Thea is a reiki master, herbalist, intuitive, energy healer, fitness enthusiast, yogi, meditator and nature lover.  She earned her B.B.A. from Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN and her Diploma of Dietary Supplement Science from Franklin School of Integrated Health (formally Franklin Institute of Wellness). She received her Reiki I training and attunements from Roy Hamilton of Aromagregory in Nashville, TN and her Reiki II and Reiki Master training and attunements from Reiki Masters Rebecca Baumgartner and Joyce Dierschke.

Through her own personal quest of healing, she established Youniversal Healing and Wellness, LLC which provides an alternative to conventional care where nature is utilized as an essential care source.  Thea has a passion for healing, providing information, and inspiring.  In her community, she co-hosts full and new moon shares and Soulful Sunday, a community meditation and chakra healing group.  

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